Moving house at any time of the year can be really stressful – in fact, it’s up there as one of the most stressful things in life, but moving home at Christmas time can make it doubly worse.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way!  With a bit of thought and pre-planning, moving home during the festive period can be an exciting and happy occasion!

Here are our tips for moving home during Christmas

  1. Plan ahead

You know what they say – ‘fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail’!  And this couldn’t be more true than in this instance.  There’s a lot to do when you move home at the best of times, but during the festive period, planning is key.  Try and plan well ahead of your move date and make sure that you’ve put the key elements in place as early as possible.

  1. Make lists

Being organised is not only essential, but it can save you a lot of anxiety too!  From exchanging contracts to packing your belongings, to unpacking when you move, changing addresses – the list is endless!  So, try and categorise each ‘topic’ and make separate lists for each.

  1. Be clear on time frames

Work with your Conveyancing Solicitors to be clear about the time frame you’re all working towards.  How long is the time available between exchange and completion?  By being totally clear on the time available to you, you can make informed decisions on what you need to do and at what time you need to do it.

  1. Book Removal Firms

The earlier you book your removal firm, the more choice you’ll have in terms of dates and times.

  1. Packing

Make sure that you’ve ordered all the packing materials you need well in advance of your removal date.  It’s a good tip to have several packing ‘topics’, such as children’s toys, children’s clothes, bed linen, ornaments etc.  Another tip is to pack in terms of ‘rooms’ – it’ll make your life so much easier when you unpack in your new home.

Make sure to label your boxes too, so that you know which ones should be unpacked first.  If you’re moving in before Christmas, you’ll probably want to put some decorations up when you arrive, so a box labelled for that purpose can be easily located.

  1. Get Christmas shopping done early

This is key if you’re moving during the Christmas period.  The more you can get done beforehand, the less stressed and under pressure you’ll be when it comes to settling into your new home.

  1. Think about your pets

You may want to consider putting your pets in kennels or catteries for a couple of days whilst you move home.  You’ll have so much to do in the run up to removal day and unpacking at your new home, it may be appropriate to remove them from the melee for a couple of days!  If this is so, then early booking is essential at Christmas time, because this is one of the busiest times of year for pet boarding houses.

  1. Final things to think about

As removal day looms nearer, it’s important that you keep on top of your bills, inform your energy suppliers and let them know your change of address.  Make sure that your council tax location is changed also.

Read your meters before you leave.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and consider putting a shovel, grit and salt in your car just in case you need to clear your new driveway of ice to get the removal van in.

It may be a good idea to arrange a food delivery to your new address too – that way, you’ll be set up for a brilliant evening in your new home, with delicious food and a celebratory toast to your future!

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