When looking to sell or rent your home, one of the last things that you may consider is how you can and should prepare your house for a viewing.

 At Ashgrove Property Services, we have years of experience and know-how, to help you improve the success of your viewing. 

 Our top 3 tips for a successful house viewing are sure to help you rent or sell your home.


Tip 1 – Not just interior but exterior.

 If you’re looking to sell or rent your home, it isn’t just the inside that counts. Ensuring your garden and outdoor spaces are looking spick and span is vital to a successful house viewing. 

 The first thing potential renters and buyers will see is the outside of your home. It is time to mow the lawn, clean those windows and de-weed that garden!


 Tip 2 – Dress to impress. 

It is important that your home is clean and tidy, however by providing a homely touch can help the potential new homeowner or renter imagine living there. 

With a select few accessories such as pillows, a vase of flowers or candles, you can aid the imagination of the prospective viewer, helping them imagine living there. 

Another top tip is to put fresh bedding on the beds – this is a great way to instantly make your bedroom look fresh and clean!

Tip 3 – Let there be light. 

 How you light a room can add to its ambience, whether you opt to use natural or artificial light, it can alter the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the room. 

Using lamps can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, whilst natural lighting creates a light and bright energy, we recommend you take into account the amount of light and space and have a play with different lighting to see what suits each room. 

Unless you’re inviting Dracula for a house viewing, open up those curtains – no one will be able to view your house if they are wondering around in the dark! 

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