Considering moving to Gloucester? Perhaps you have a new job offer or would like to consider the excitement of a new city, either way there are plenty of benefits to living in Gloucester!


That said, buying or renting a new home is a big commitment and one that should be considered very carefully. While there are lots of great things about living in the city of Gloucester, it’s important you consider what is right for you and your family or household.


One of the Safest Places to Live

Gloucester rated 5th safest place to live in the UK

Property buyers, Good Move, conducted research into the safest places to live in the UK. Gloucester, with an overall crime rate of 64.2 per 1,000 population. Compared with, for example, 124.2 for West Yorkshire.

While crime rate may not automatically mean you will or won’t fall victim to a crime, it gives a good indication on the type of area you will be moving into. Especially if you are planning to raise a family.


Culture & History

Gloucester has a beautiful mix of maritime tradition and creative economy that has “revitalized the city’s old downtown”. Many artists are brought to the city due to its scenic majesty. Particularly with the stunning Gloucester Quay’s and the Good Harbour Beach, Gloucester is home to wonderful waterfront restaurants, bars and shopping.

In the city of Gloucester, you will also find iconic cathedral churches, hosting many historical and religious events that attract thousands of devotees to the area.


Good Rated Schools

If you have a young family and are requiring schooling for your children, then Gloucester has plenty of good to excellent rated schools to choose from. Many of the schools also boast higher than average scores in Reading, Writing and Maths.


Transport Systems

Gloucester is known for its excellent transport system. There are buses, trains and taxi’s that run daily, making moving around the city for work and pleasure easier and convenient. The county is also well-linked with all other major cities, meaning you have simple access to travel to other places, whether for work or in your personal time.


Lower Property Prices

Another great advantage to living in Gloucester is the low property prices. It’s estimated that you can pay almost 45% lesser price of the property than somewhere like London or Berkshire.

This is good news if you are an average earner, or if you’re able to afford a little more than average it can certainly give you much more for your money!

Currently the average house price in Gloucester is £242,774.

The average rental price is £862 pcm.


Peaceful Environment

Overall, the city is a very calm and peaceful place to live, while still accommodating those with active lives who wish to visit leisure facilities, cinemas and dine out.

It has the perfect balance between a civilized urban area, while still maintaining the subtleties of the countryside.


If you’re looking to move to Gloucester and need somewhere to rent, contact Ashgrove today.